Your Wedding

Getting married in Church brings together the huge joy and fun of the celebration of your love for each other with the deeply importance of your life-long commitment to each other. Church can be just the place to bring these two sides of your special day together.

There is a brilliant story in the bible where Jesus went with his friends to a village wedding. Disaster! Half way through they ran out of wine but somehow Jesus managed to make gallons and gallons of top grade wine and saved the day. He certainly understood that Weddings should be joyful, and we try to be the same.

I’m sorry though, we can’t promise free wine for your reception! But we can ask God to be part of your celebration and life together. If you think that this might be for you please do get in touch with us to talk it through.

There is a really useful website to help you work through all the legal stuff about getting married and then the fun of planning your wedding, see Your Church Wedding.

The first legal issue is that you need to have a connection with the parish of the church that you want to get married in. There are several possibilities and there are details on the Your Church Wedding site. But if none of them fit you, we can still create a connection if you are happy to come to some our regular services – please get in touch and we can talk further about just what would be needed.

On the other hand there is a lot that you can do to make the service personal for you; you can choose prayers, readings, music and hymns or songs. Again, you can explore all the possibilities on the Your Church Wedding site. You will be able to listen to hymn or song tunes to see if you know them, look at possible readings, and think about the prayers. If you don’t find what you want then please get in touch – even with that range of possibilities we are not necessarily limited to what is on the website.