Growing Together

People ever rub you up the wrong way?

Do you ever think that life would be so much more enjoyable / peaceful / simpler … (delete as appropriate) if it wasn’t for … (insert name)?

On the other hand wouldn’t life actually be better if we all just got on with life and got on together? But it can be so hard …

(and what have hands, and feet come to think of it, got to do with it anyway?)

So, we will be thinking about how we get on together (or don’t) at Church in the Community – Saturday 8th February 4:30 refreshments to start activities at 5pm – finish by 6pm, at St Nicholas School (behind ASDA at the end of Priory Chase – SS6 9NE).

Fun for everyone – activities for adults and children!

For more information see our blog “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” … what’s sail got to do with anything? Well click and find out!